Department Fire & EMS Apparatus
Harrisville Rescue 2 2016.jpg

Rescue 2

"Protecting the Capitol"

Rescue Co. 2 is a 2016 Dodge Ram 5500 / Lifeline advanced life support transporting ambulance.  Rescue 2 is the primary EMS vehicle for the department.  Rescue 2 has four wheel drive capability.


Medic 2

Medic 2 is a 2006 Ford E-450 / Horton advanced life support transporting ambulance.  Medic 2 is the secondary EMS unit for the department.


Ladder 2

"Roof Raiders"

Ladder Co. 2 is a 2007 Pierce Dash 100 foot mid-mount aerial. It carries multiple heavy rescue equipment and is first due ladder company to the eastern villages of Burrillville.


Engine 21

Engine Co. 21 is a 2002 Pierce Enforcer. It has a 1500 gpm pump,1000 gallon tank, 100 gallons of foam, and it carries a complete set of jaws of life. It is the first due engine company to the village of Harrisville.


Engine 22

Engine Co 22 is a 1991 Spartan/Central States Gladiator.  It has a 1500 gpm pump, 1250 gallon tank, and 55 gallon foam tank.  It also has a 400 gpm roof turret and is part of the foam task force for northern RI.


Brush 2

Brush 2 is a 1988 Chevrolet 4x4 crew cab.  It has a 125 gpm pump and 250 gallon tank.


Forestry 2

Forestry 2 is a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4.  It has a 125 gpm pump and 200 gallon tank.  It was purchased though a grant from the Champlin Foundation.


Truck 2

Truck 2 is a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4x4. It is used for responding to emergencies, and is also used for utilities such as inspections, trainings, and transporting firefighters.


Engine 2 (Antique)

Antique Engine 2 is a 1949 Maxim custom cab.  It was in service from 1949 to 1991.